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The Problem

I have been wanting to experiment with Django for a while but never found the time or a good use case to make the time but I found a good use that combines tow of my hobbies: the gym and this. I have been organizing my workout routines using an excel spreadsheet for a few months now and it has worked alright for now. My biggest complaints are that it is hard to scroll through an excel sheet on a phone while at the gym, organizing the data in the excel is not very good, and it just doesn’t look good enough for me to want to use it.

The Solution (Hopefully!)

I plan on using a Django stack to deploy a workout web app for personal use and probably will open it up to my friends in the future. There are fitness apps that you can follow along with but none that I have found (for a reasonable price) allow you to build your own program and automatically create it for you.

Key Features

There are a few key features that I want to get into this app to make it more appealing for me to use regularly:

1. Create a DB that houses all the exercises to choose from grouped by body part.
2. Create a "Program Maker" page where you create your 6-cycle exercise program by selecting exercises from the DB for a 6 day workout cycle as I will refer to it since I don't workout 6 days in a week but I like to group my program in two 3 day blocks per cycle. I workout 3 days, take a rest day, workout 3 days and take a rest day. This is what a cycle for me will look like. 
3. From the selections in the "Program Maker" auto populate the 6-cycle workout program so that I can make an endless amount of programs, at least for the forseeable future. 
4. On the front page, display the current day's workout so that I can quickly start my workout.
5. Create a "Progress Bar" so that I can see what workouts I have done, and how many left I have in the current program. 
6. Will probably add more as I go but want to get a base down.
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